The Challenge With The Modern CRM System

In organizations across the spectrum, VP’s of Sales are yelling at their sales team to update the CRM platform. Sales people know it’s a requirement of their job and most loathe the necessity of it.

The CRM platform is supposed to be a tool to empower the sales team to drive more revenue. What has become in reality is glorified reporting tool designed for executive management while doing very little to actually empower the sales team.

The amount of swivel chair activity required by modern sales teams between email, phone, text, lead management and the CRM system actually hampers the sales process and breeds inefficiency

Enter Metroleads cloud based customer management platform

A Customer Management Platform that does not require an engineer to configure, one subscription for all features.

MetroLeads is a cloud based Customer Management Platform designed to empower the sales team drive more revenue. It combines all aspects of sales and marketing management into a single platform including:

  • Automated Lead Capture: Every incoming text, email, voice call, website form and website lead is automatically captured in MetroLeads
  • Email: Embedded email capability allowing the sending receiving and tracking of all inbound and outbound emails from the MetroLeads system. Bulk email capability and campaign management.
  • Phone: Complete soft phone integration allowing every incoming and outgoing call to be captured within MetroLeads. Complete inbound call tracking.
  • Text: Full SMS capability
  • Website Analytics: Full website analytics including hits, bounces, actions and form submission
  • Advertising Tracking: Full source tracking to capture all advertising activity by source. i.e online, traditional
  • Forms Integration: Integrated form submission capture from web activity
  • Sales Forecasting: Sales forecast and funnel reporting
  • Analytics & Reporting: Website, calls by location, calls by disposition

Lead Manager

Organized into Lead Cards that reflect the current stage of the sales pursuit neatly organized by color.

Fully customizable deal stages and fully customizable lead fields that allows users to track exactly what they prefer. Organize leads by stage and schedule all customer actions from MetroLeads.

  • Automatically created from all activity including web hits, calls, emails and form creation
  • Full Contact Record
  • Lead State and Stage
  • Products, Pricing and Quoting
  • Action, activities and meeting schedule
  • Full Calendar Integration

Native VOIP & Call Manager

Full featured native VOIP functionality with recording and tracking of call source. Allows the sales person to revisit the call to make sure all customer requirements have been met. Manage calls by location, disposition and source.

  • Calls By Location
  • Calls By Disposition
  • Complete Call Recording
  • Click to call via integrated Soft Phone
  • Time and date stamped
  • Auto Attendant, Call Routing and Voicemail


My MetroLeads dashboard that gives the sales person and management a quick snapshot of daily activity and status. Features fully customizable reports designed to meet the needs of the individual.

  • Lead By State
  • Daily Lead Count
  • Online Activity
  • Call Activity
  • Fully Customizable based on need

Analytics and Reports

Full reporting capability with customizable fields that gives the user exactly what they are looking for including:

  • Actions by source
  • Activity disposition
  • Lead Funnel
  • Forecasting
  • Daily Email Digest: Open, forward, respond and clicks