Revenue is not a strategy, it’s the result of a good strategy

Having a well defined, micro targeted and defined sales strategy based on the WHY and backed up by a specific value proposition is critical to sustained company growth and creating momentum. Hyper Velocity Group takes the necessary time to understand your company, your industry and specific vertical. We craft a well rounded and robust sales strategy that is focused on delivering customer value and educating the market on WHY you exist.

  • What are you selling
  • Who are you selling to
  • Why should your customers care
  • What is the realized value for the customer
  • How will you deliver on the strategy

We help your business define a value proposition that is focused on the realized value your business offers to customers. We explore and understand your customers buying steps, habits and requirements in order to craft a unique and memorable marketing message that drives customers to your door. We help your business explore and discover new channels for your products and services to extend and grow your revenue sources.

Our Process Encompasses

Sales Strategy and Alignment starts with an understanding of your business, its core offering and what realized value you deliver to the market. We focus on defining:

  • Your specific market
  • Your targets within the defined market
  • Your target buyer profile
  • Your unique value proposition

From this understanding we help our clients develop their unique customer engagement framework which aligns and orients the sales team to deliver maximum sales throughput.The final step is aligning the sales team with the delivery organization to make sure the customer is properly taken care of through all interactions with your company.

Value Proposition Development

Your company’s value proposition is the realized business value (essence) your customers will receive from engaging your company, not merely the features and benefits of your product or service.

Our approach eliminates the “throwing mud and hope it sticks” approach clearly defining exactly who your sales reps will be going after with a well defined value driven message. The process clearly defines where in your target market the most value can be delivered and eliminates the one off customers that takes your company down a rabbit hole and away from your core competency.

Each engagement is scoped based on the need of your specific company, your offering, the market you are in and the complexity of your sales cycle.