What is it about cheap, deep discounts, clearance, everything must go SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY sales that make people stand up and pay attention? Maybe it’s the thought that they will get something of high quality for very little money. Maybe it’s the thought of missing out on something. Maybe it’s the scarcity factor which drives the buying, as if they don’t act now they will never be able to get it whatever it is.

Whatever, the reason, people flock to the events and sales sometimes with the vigor of the world ending. Yes, we all like to get the best value for our money and yes negotiating for certain things is worth the effort. Unfortunately what we usually end up with is a cheap product that we probably still paid more then we should have for or a watered down service that didn’t deliver what we expected.

If we are talking about simple mass produced commodity disposable items then yes I want a deal just as much as the other person. Toothbrushes, freezer bags, plastic forks and anything that has the label “As Seen on TV” is worth getting the best deal on.

Where we begin to run into challenges is when we take this approach for the important things in life. I have never heard anyone ever say they want cheap brain surgery, or dental work, or investment advice. They want the very best quality they can possibly afford for these items. So why oh why do company owners sometimes take the fire sale mentality when shopping for business critical software or consulting services.

How much logical sense does the statement below make:

I have a fundamental mission critical problem to solve in my business and I am going to hire the cheapest consultants I can possibly find to make it work and solve the problem.

It is really a rhetorical question, of course it does not make any sense. You want the very best business or technology consultants you can afford. You want them to be well versed in your business and have a fundamental understanding of the goals you are trying to meet and challenges you need to overcome. 

Hiring the very best from Bob’s Consulting and Screen Door company is not going to get you very far. Just because the heart surgeon working out of a camper at the local RV park can you give you a great deal you probably don’t want them cutting into you.

Cheap is cheap for a reason. I promise you the company that makes the a quality product is not going to give it away for less than they make it for. Same goes for consultants, the very best come with not only the know how and solutions, they come at a price. The not so secret secret is you get what you pay for. 

In my years of selling in the consulting and technology fields I have seen very poor solutions and delivery as well as top notch solution and delivery. As a business owner, if you think you will get top notch solutions and delivery from the cheap consultants working for $22 per hour  in their grandmother basements you are kidding yourself.

You don’t have enough money to do it right but you have enough money to do it twice. Another nonsensical statement that becomes the unfortunate reality for many companies because they decided cheap was more important than quality and a job done right.

Interview your consultants, understand their pedigree, what they have done in the real world for real businesses that resulted in real results. Believe me, if they are great they will have previous clients lining up to sing their praises.  Also make sure their firm has the skillsets in house for what they are selling. Many advertise one thing and then run out and scramble to find the resources once a deal is secured. This is bad for you as the company hiring the consultant. 

Valuable people deliver value. You cant get pears from an apple tree. Stop the race to the bottom, treat your business as it should be treated and hire the very best to help you solve problems and move things forward. 

Don’t fall for the hype, the slick advertising and gimmicks. When it comes to your business, you cant afford to buy the cheapest thing out there.