Aren’t you excited? You have sent out many resumés to companies you think you would like to look for and you have received precisely zero response. You have the experience, the education and you are a bright and focused person ready to be put to work. However, you are not able to get noticed in the keyword bingo that masquerades for hiring by many HR departments these days. Meaning you are falling out of the funnel because you are not saying the right things on your resumé.

You are following the established systems and processes put into place over the last 100 years for securing a new job, but it’s not working. You are one of hundreds or even thousands of applicants for the “good” job you want. Ever perused through the open jobs on LinkedIn? You get excited because the latest job posting is only a day old and you will be an early applicant, until you realize there are 96 people ahead of you.

This can be a depressing process when you realize it will be hard for the hiring company to see through the other applicants and pick you for interviewing and hiring. You realize you have been reduced to words on paper and having the right words is the only way to climb to the top the pile. 

So what word do you use to be sorted on top? It’s hard to know exactly what to say as it is different for each and every company you apply to. What you have to stop and ask yourself is are you more than the words on a piece of paper? Does the words on your resumé accurately sum up the totality of the value you can deliver for your new employer?

My guess is you are more than the words written on your resumé. So how do you rise above the noise and show your value to the hiring company BEFORE they hire you. Sounds impossible right?…….Its not

Show Your Value

If you are just looking for any job where you can punch in and out everyday, stay below the radar and just earn a paycheck then you can stop reading now. However, if you want to deliver value and make yourself indispensable then please read on.

If you are in the job hunting process you are quickly realizing the resumé submittal and wait process is not all its cracked up to be. As a matter of fact, it is the lazy way to get a job if you ask me. There is a much more robust way to show your value and get noticed, so noticed that companies would be foolish not to hire you. Im not talking about gimmicks, creative word smithing or other shenanigans. Take the time to understand the company you want to work for and do the following:

Find Out What The Company Needs and Deliver it.

Yes, I am recommending you go to work without the guarantee of a paycheck. Lay your cards on the table and show the company your value. Find out specifically what your target employer needs and find creative ways to deliver on these needs. 

  • If you are in sales find a way to deliver new clients to the target employer
  • If you are a technical consultant, solve a technical problem they are dealing with.
  • If you a writer, help spread the word or write through pieces supporting your new employer 
  • If you cant get hired without a project closed, bring the project with you.
  • If you are a marketer, create a world class campaign provide it to the company…For free

Every company has needs and it is incumbent upon you the applicant to find out what they are. The company does not have to hire you as they have hundreds of applicants, as you found out during your LinkedIn searching. You will never raise your chances of getting hired by clicking and waiting on the job boards.

The nature of hiring has changed, companies want to hire and work with the very best they can find. Through the solving of challenges and delivering on needs you will stand out among the rest because you delivered actual value.

This shows the company that you are committed to your craft, a consummate professional and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and deliver value. Put your creative mind to work and figure out unique way to show your value, they will notice. You can also be sure the company will be happy to take the results of the value you deliver. If they don’t hire you then the question becomes are they the right company for you.

OR, you can continue to bang your head against the wall, submit resumés to hundreds of companies and hope for the best. Bottom line, your future success is what you make of it and totally in your hands.

Happy Hunting