Without Specifics You Are a Wandering Generality

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There you are, running a moderately successful company with a handful of happy clients and you decide you want to grow at a faster rate. However, you realize you can only be in one place at any given time, meaning you cant deliver your best for current clients and spend more time contacting new clients. Either you expand your team or limit your growth potential as there are only so many hours in a day.

You decide to source and hire a salesperson that is focused on driving new business. You quickly brief the new salesperson on what you do and turn them loose to go get new clients. Your thinking this is great, I can focus on delivering and leave the sales generation up to my salesperson. Fast forward a few months and you find yourself frustrated and wondering why the new clients are not pouring in.

You being the founder of the company and its chief evangelist understand specifically what type of Client is best. You instinctively know what type of clients and buyer you can deliver value for. You know what industry they are in, what struggles they face and what it takes to land one of the clients. You know exactly who your services are for and more importantly why. If you do not know this information then you have no business hiring a salesperson.

It is incumbent the founder and chief evangelist to educate the new salespeople(s) on what exactly they are looking for. Avoid generalities and get specific, give the new salesperson the tools they need to succeed or you will be disappointed and walk away with the wrong belief that hiring salespeople does not work

A few obvious analogies:

  • Do you let the barber decide what type of haircut you need?
  • Do you let the home builder design and choose everything for your custom home?
  • Do you let the surgeon just root around in your body until they find the problem?
  • Do you go to the clothing store and pick out your new clothes with a blindfold on?
  • etc etc etc

Why do we insist on being specific with seemingly small things but not with what type of clients we want and need. The more specific you are the better the results. It does not matter how accomplished the salesperson is they cannot read your mind.

Ever wonder why some companies see success fast and are able to sustain that success? They have figured out exactly who they serve and why and are able to communicate it to the people around them. Just any ole customer wont do, they know who they serve and have figured the best way to serve them.

Don’t be a wandering generality, get specific, communicate clearly and the rest will fall into place.

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