When we are invited to participate in a bid or the sales team uncovers an opportunity we have the unique chance to tell our story, especially if you do not have an existing relationship with the Client.

Everything we do tells a story, from how we interface with clients, the solution scoping we do, the quality of artifacts and documents, the way we follow up and how we react to challenges and questions.

By not having a previous relationship, the new Client is evaluating your approach, company personality and fit with their own. Your plan and proposal might be technically fantastic but you can fall well short of the goal if there are holes in your story.

It can also go the other way, meaning your approach could be technically questionable but the story is you really care and have their best interest in mind. There have been many occasions where the less tech-savvy solution wins based on the rest of the story.

Always be mindful, your customer is not just evaluating what you offer in terms of product or service. They are evaluating you and everyone on your team and the story they hear and see matters.