Enabling intelligent decision making to empower the marketing and sales teams to hit the ideal customer target every time.
Sales & Market Strategy built on a foundation of Data Science for B2B companies across a multitude of industries.


Data Science and Analytics solution developed specifically to help business to business clients become laser focused on targeting customers that align extremely well to product/service offering, company culture and unique value proposition. Targeting and acquiring your ideal client.

  • Executive Discovery: Business and Sales Team Alignment
  • Company Profile Modeling
  • Buyer Profile Modeling
  • Sales Team Performance Scoring and Analysis 
  • Gap Analysis and Roadmap Creation
  • Pervasive and Individual Revenue Growth Strategy For Sales Team
  • Inside Network Opportunity Mapping
  • KPI Identification and Measurement Plan
  • Visualization Design for Ongoing KPI Measurement
  • Transformational Programming Planning & Execution
  • Churn Modeling
  • Customer & Prospect Database Development 

Methods & Technology To:

  • Gain a persistent, holistic view of your customers
  • Understand & lift business lifecycle performance across customer acquisition, opportunity and pursuit management, quoting, contract management, billing activation and customer experience
  • Identify top sales performers and scientifically illustrate why they are the best
  • Expand buyer networking through business and social connections
  • Improve buyer targeting and sales success through modeling and segmentation heat mapping
  • Minimize account and buyer churn through predictive behavioral analytics


Efficiency in Sales Operations drives smooth customer experience and allows for seamless handoff to fulfillment and delivery organizations. The implementation of a solid sales operational model erects needed guardrails around the customer acquisition process to ensure consistency, efficiency and value of interaction internally and externally.


  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Sales Technology Selection & Methodology
  • Sales Coverage & Territory Planning 
  • Account & Target Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Deal Desk


  • Implementation and Integration of Apps & Tools
  • Tool Adoption
  • Customer & Prospect Database
  • Communication Management
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Process Automation


  • Sales Training & Enablement
  • Hiring & On-boarding
  • Market Intelligence
  • Contracts & SLA’s
  • Knowledge Base


  • Sales Methodologies
  • Best Practices
  • Compensation & Incentive Plans
  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Visualizations & Reporting
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