No two companies are exactly the same. In concert with our sales performance catalyst solution we deploy sales enablement strategy and solutions to position our clients for hyper-growth.


Fundamental Understanding

Hyper growth strategy and execution begins with a fundamental understanding of your company, people and what makes you unique in the marketplace. We take the time understand what makes you tick at all layers of the organization

Definition of Success

What does success look like? This is different for every company, having a clear definition of success is critical to a strong relationship. Having all stakeholders working from the same playbook is paramount to long term success

A well defined and streamlined Quote 2 Cash (Q2C) ecosystem is essential for maximizing customer experience and hyper growth.  Hyper Velocity Group helps our clients implement sales enablement strategies to maximize revenue delivery efficiency. From initial market segmentation and targeting though CRM, CPQ, CLM implementation and downstream Q2C integrations.

Ecosystem of Partners

Hyper Velocity Group has developed a robust ecosystem of strategic partners to help clients execute on all pillars of sales enablement. Our partner ecosystem covers all aspects of the strategy allowing us to provide turn key solutions to our clients and ensuring success.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Our Success is determined by our clients success. The enablement strategy is measured and managed by key KPI’s designed to ensure strategy delivery. Predictive modeling and reporting to track the effectiveness of the overall strategy and inform future decisions 



Engagement with stakeholders, discovery and understanding of market goals and objectives. Segmentation, data extract and analysis to develop ideal targets based on detailed buyer profile. Sales enablement readiness, operational modeling and creation of Customer & Prospect Database.


Rationalization and kick off of sales enablement transformational project including implementation of CRM, CPQ and CLM technology solutions and operational model. Alignment and integration to downstream Q2C systems.

Managed Services

Creation and management of segmented buyer repository, analytics tools and web lead automation. Inside sales team enablement, churn management and predictive sales analytics modeling. Reporting and visualization cadence.

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